practicinggreatness.jpg2Seems as though there is a character gap in our leaders today. Well actually there has ALWAYS been a character gap in most of our leaders. The position, power, money and or stress always seems to compromise men in women whenever they appear to have it all together. Spiritual leaders are not immune to this reality. Reggie McNeal does a wonderful job in this book of giving us few guidelines (disciplines) that will help all of us stay true to our self and to our followers.

Reggie states that humility and popularity can coexist. Because great leaders keep the perspective of the true source of their strength. We all have known a handful of “great” leaders in a sea of “good” leaders. Reggie’s wisdom makes it very clear that great leadership is earned. It is not a gift…it is a reward. The first three disciplines revolve around the leaders self-awareness, self-management and self-development. While the final four disciplines provide clarity for the leader in the areas of mission, decision making, belonging and aloneness.

 If you are a spiritual leader or coach and you have the desire to have a lasting impact on the people around you, you should read and reread PRACTICING GREATNESS.

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