The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns

Having been raised in the church and being a Christian since the age of seven, I was interested to see if my gospel had a hole in it? Better than average at treating the people around me, consistent church attendance (college years don’t count right), Bible studies, elder board, and no “big” sins. Surely if there is a hole…it would be quite small! 

However, I have also spent most my life turning my head or turning the channel when I came across pictures or stories of hunger, poverty, and death. I cannot stay in my comfort zone seeing clear evidence and knowing that kind of wickedness exist in the world that I live.

Richard’s book The Hole in Our Gospel ripped me out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t a complicated book to read but it was a very hard book to read. Hard because the horrible stats took on a realness that I had never felt. The motivation by him to describe the pain and the way that we have missed it was out of love not guilt. And his presentation as to why this is an integral part of the Gospel of Jesus is clear and convicting. Richard’s experience in the business world, the “Christian” world and in the world that few of us venture to go (the hopeless world of hunger, poverty and AIDS) has given him the credentials to tell the rest of us where we have fallen drastically short. To live out this part of the Gospel would inconvenience us and expose us to great pain and heartache. Therefore we accept Jesus but rarely follow Him into this part of His story.

I am humbled to say I have a gaping hole in my gospel. But I am now committed to closing that hole because of Richard Stearns and his book. Thanks to Richard and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review this work.

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  • Becky Drake

    I want to read it Eddie. Thanks, Becky