10 reasons why I love professional golf

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to be a spectator at the Master’s golf tournament. You see, I have been to a number of professional golf tournaments…multiple US Opens, the amazing 1999 Ryder Cupmatch…but never to the Master’s. I was actually invited twice this year but had resigned myself, after declining the first invitation (due to a prior commitment) to the fact that I may never get to see, in person, one of the greatest sporting events in America. Then I received the second invitation…I had to find a way to go! We spent a day a half driving back from Texas so I could get to Augusta Saturday morning…and what a beautiul day it was. As I sat at Amen Corner I started to build this list…10 reasons why I love professional golf.

10. They play outside…at some incredibly beautiful places.

9. It humbles me to see the talent of these men (and women).

8. It helps me stay sharp with the simple math I learned in school.

7. They call penalties on themselves…what other professional sport does that?

6. They don’t have salaries…they have to play well to get paid.

5. Everytime I play…I hit at least 2 shots that make me think “I could play on tour”.

4. They have to play well everyday for four days straight.

3. The relationship between the player and his caddy.

2. The incredible control they display both physically and most importantly…mentally.

1. Momentslike the one above with Phil Mickelson and his wife.

The tour will be down the road from me this week, in Charlotte for the Quail Hollow Championship. Hope to see you there…it is shaping up to be a pretty cool field of players. Did I miss the reason you like professional golf?

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