Mothers and Daughters Who Need Hope

000000;">I have the honor of serving on the board of a life changing organization called Safe Harbor. It’s a place that reaches out to the homeless women of our community and place where women can begin to put their lives back together with the hope and grace of Jesus Christ. This post is written by the Executive Director Debbie Haynes…a strong and humble woman

Yesterday I received two very special pieces of mail:  one from a homeless mother and daughter who had spent time in our Day Shelter, and one from a mother, daughter, and 2-year old grand-daughter who had also spent time here.  Both families had relocated – one all the way back to Denmark, where she was born, and the other to Oklahoma.  Both wanted to update us on what is going on in their lives. 

Looking at the enclosed photo of the little girl, who crawled for the first time here at Safe Harbor, I was again reminded of the importance of relationships for all of us.  The women we serve are mothers and daughters, even grandmothers and granddaughters.   All of us who fit in either of those categories have similarities:  the joy of laughing together, the shared pain of facing life’s heartaches, the hopes and dreams of a better day.  For women who are homeless, often there is such a sense of disconnectedness; of disruption from healthy, strong relationships.  Hope is at a premium that many of them have decided is too dear a price. 

Hope wafts through the air here.  Whether in the Day Shelter, where women cook for each other and sometimes their families, crochet a blanket, look for a job, hear the hope of Christ; or in our residential program where family ties are slowly re-established – hope must be offered before anything else can be received. 

As you think of ways to honor the special women in your lives this weekend, please consider an “out-of-the-box” gift – hope for the women of Safe Harbor.  Go to  and click on our  “Donate Now” page and give a life-changing gift.  Note your honoree in the comment section, and we will be glad to send her a card sharing how a gift in their honor has impacted mothers and daughters who will appreciate it so much!

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Debbie Haynes

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