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I grew up in a wonderful little town in the panhandle of Texas (population 2000). It was the world for me. I could ride my bike across town to my friend’s houses and I played every sport in school (so we could field a team)…not much happened in town without everybody knowing. That all changed after my freshman year of high school when we moved to a city where my new high school had 2000 kids! I spent a year making my parents pay for the move all the while desperately planning the return to my comfortable world.

I made the return trip to west Texas by going to college in Lubbock at Texas Tech University. I was excited but still very much apprehensive about moving to such a big city. After graduating, I married and moved to the METROPLEX of Dallas/Fort Worth to take a job in banking. I still remember the joy of being newly married and getting an incredible job, but there were still large clouds of anxiety given the new world I was moving into.

None of those changes compared to the monumental change I have been going through for about a year and a half now…my move into the world of Social Media.

The size, and more importantly, the impact that Social Media is having (and will continue having) on my life already surpasses all of the physical moves I have made up to this point. That’s without having to send out a single “change of address”…much less loading and unloading the moving van. As with the other moves, it has not been without tremendous fear and doubt. Questions like…

  • Am I giving up my privacy?
  • Why would anyone else care what I think?
  • Is this all a waste of time?

…have haunted me for about a year. You see, I am a Baby Boomer. Not many of my peers have jumped over to the other side of this new world with both feet.  Why would they?  For forty-something years…their window to the rest of the world was delivered to their front yard rolled up with a rubber band while they slept; it’s very hard to let that go. It’s extremely hard to grasp how close you are to the rest of the world…inside of your house!  

Social Media has taught me some things that I saw in other places but didn’t fully grasp…things like:

  • The true value of people’s stories
  • The incredible power of sharing information
  • The ability to meet the needs of others on the other side of the world… with only a  click
  • The fragile art of connecting to others

Though at times, my moves have been a scary and sometimes lonely trek, as with all of the other moves I have made in my life (with the exception of the first), I have never wanted to go back!

The crazy thing is that this giant Social Media movement is the very thing that has allowed me to reconnect to all the people and places that I used to know…

Have you ever moved? Was it scary?

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Bond servant to Jesus the Christ, want to be harvest worker (only a few out there).
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  • Stuart

    Eddie – that really resonated. I’m a boomer from a two-stoplight consolidated school district in Ohio. I had to relearn how to have a conversation when I went to college, and the nature of my wife’s calling means I “get to” move periodically (but not that often). This is difficult for one who tends to get attached to land and place. FB has permitted me to renew some family and other personal ties, and make some connections I would not have otherwise. LinkedIn has facilitated professional conversations I would have never had. Our website has brought business we would have never had. The web has cut into my book reading (and writing), and I do worry about time spent on it and social media. And our webmaster and we deal with hackers and malicious software. I think this all helps to keep me mentally fresh. I still read the newspaper.

  • ebroussard

    Stuart…thanks for coming by…great thoughts and additions to the post. You can keep reading the paper, for a little while longer…

  • Matt @ The Church of No People

    Hey Eddie, thanks for commenting on my blog! I always enjoy hearing from readers. I’m with you about my newfound love of peoples’ story thanks to social media. If I can ever do anything for you, let me know! Grace and peace.