Weapons of Choice

So in the July/August edition of COLLIDE magazine, there was a lead article titled “Weapons of Choice”. They had asked a few creative guys to share some of the tools they use as they go about their day. Kind of the things that make their job/life either easier or keeps them on track.

It got me to thinking…what are those things for me?

In this world where change has come at us at light speed and modes of connecting with other people are continually being rewritten, what are the things I use to keep up with what is going on in the world, with friends and family and the tools I use to simply get things accomplished?

Here are a few things that I use throughout my day…

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop It is the center of input and output of most of my day. Moved from being a 10+ year Dell customer when Dell moved to India. Lenovo is solid but I still am struggling with the reliability of Windows and Internet Explorer. Will most likely go MacBook next.

iPhone 3GSLeft Blackberry and have never looked back! Did not dream they were that far behind in the smart phone war. Not only am I amazed at what this thing can do but how easy it is to use. Email is the engine of most of what I do…with the iPhone that is made easy and quick.

iPadI spent the first 2 months trying  to figure out what it was that I was going to do on the iPad that I couldn’t do on my laptop or the iPhone. It is a piece of hardware that is truly new to this world (something we have never used before). It has now become my all-in-one reading device. It is where I get the news, read blogs, read the Bible and take care of my social connections along with any Internet use outside of weekday business hours. It is new now…but this type of device will be huge!

GoogleiGoogle is one of my home pages. All in one page I have current news, weather, a market summary and about 16 other things just in case I need them. Within one click I have front page headlines from about 5 cities that interest me, access to a summary of the some 85 blogs I follow (in Google Reader) and news from across the country on about 5 or 6 very specific subjects that interest me. Wow…I didn’t even mention Gmail, calendar,and Google Analytics.

Microsoft Outlook with MailstreetMailstreet syncs everything from my Outlook (mail, contacts, calendar, notes) with my laptop, iPhone and iPad instantly and seamlessly! Enough said…

HootsuiteThis is my other home page (you can have more than one). Hootsuite brings together in one place my Linkedin, facebook and my twitter accounts. It is a killer time saver.

WordPressI discovered WordPress when I started blogging a little more than a year ago and I continue to be amazed at what you can do with it. You can design some very cool looking stuff and not know the first thing about code.  I have put together two other blogs/websites recently and would be happy to help you…should you get the itch to start blogging. More on blogging in another post.

Let me close with those 7.

I wonder what that list would have looked like 10 years ago?

I really wonder what that list will look like 10 years from now!

Do you use any  of the above…what would be on your weapon list?

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Bond servant to Jesus the Christ, want to be harvest worker (only a few out there).
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  • Terry Johnson

    Eddie – I am not nearly as connected as you. I have to say I have learned alot about the connected world just observing you – seriously. Then I go and pick up what I find appealing and make it work for me. The two weapons of choice for me are Google and WordPress. I love Google Documents and how I can keep all my important stuff there and access it from anywhere in the world. Not that I ever go anywhere, but it’s there in case I do. And I am just beginning to use WordPress and have enjoyed blogging from there. It’s so easy to set up a page, make it look really nice and begin writing. There is more but those two came to mind first. Gotta go do some blogging!

  • http://chadritchie.myopenid.com/ Chad Ritchie

    Eddie, I agree, WordPress is at the top of my list as a “weapon of choice.” When someone contacts me about building a web site, immediately my I begin thinking how this person/organization can get the most out of their site using WordPress. The back-end dashboard is easy to understand and straightforward. OK, enough about WordPress, I could go on and on. Check out my new web site I built using HTML 5 and WordPress. http://www.chadritchie.net

    I have “weapon of choice” for you to check out called Nutshell Mail. I was introduced to Nutshell Mail at the last Media & Technical GUILD of Hickory Metro Area. Instead of checking your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts or email throughout the day. You can schedule Nutshell Mail to send you a report at scheduled intervals throughout the day. Also Nutshell Mail offer the ability to filter your updates. Just so you don’t get a report on who needs a carrot for their Farmville.

    Chad Ritchie

    PS-Good article!

  • http://www.ebroussard.com/ ebroussard

    Chad…thanks for dropping by. Your new site looks GREAT, clean and crisp! After looking at it I would love to have you tweak mine in a couple of places?
    Thanks for the tip on Nutshell Mail, can’t wait to give it a whirl.