a year ago…

So it’s be over a year since I have posted anything new here. Where have you been…what you been up to, you ask? As some of you know I work with a couple of non-profits and about a year and a half ago we decided to start a social enterprise (business) for one of those NPO’s. It has been a little bit of work but it has been tremendously rewarding and God has blessed in some amazing ways.

Click on ReSource Warehouse & Gallery to ┬átake a look at Safe Harbor Rescue Missions’ one year old business.


If you live in the western North Carolina area come check out ReSource in person, it’s unlike anything you have seen before. If you don’t live around here, keep up with whats going on with Resource by liking us on facebook HERE and/or follow us on twitter HERE.


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Bond servant to Jesus the Christ, want to be harvest worker (only a few out there).
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